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Finally the long awaited Bloons TD 5 has been released. Shortly after the release of 4th part fans and players demanded another part from Ninja Kiwi. They did not go for Bloons Tower Defense 5 immediatelly. Instead they published the Expansion for the 4th game. The Bloons TD 4 Expansion has been warmly welcomed and found many players. The have been lots of rumors concerning this game and in December 2011 the game has finally been released. The New Zealand Game Developers have really set new superlatives with this game.

The story of the game has stayed the same which is not a surprice. The graphics and sound effects have improved and the series looks better with each new release. At start you may choose to register an account at Ninja Kiwi. I would recommend you to choose this options as there alot of advantages here. You may also play as guest.

As always our beloved monkeys have to save the day by popping as much bloons as possible. But do not get it wrong the balloons have not been sleeping. They do have new villains within their ranks. The heart bloon and the huge ZOMG are these new enemies. The heart bloon really is a very dangerous opponent. It has a very fash regeneration rate. You will need to pick fast shooting towers and tower upgrades to face this new menace. The ZOMG is a super huge boss type bloon. Meet it in the game as i do not want to realse too much about it. Most old bloons have been tweeked and upgraded. The camouflage can be a major pain this time.

There are two new towers available. The upgrades for the towers have to be reseached before you can use them. There are 8 possible upgrades for each tower. Another nice new feature are so called special agents. You may hire these individuals for a round. You may learn some more details about Bloons TD 5 on the bloons wiki.

Bloons Tower Defense 5

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